Global ELT books now available

Through our partnership with Global ELT, we now have two coursebooks available to activate during the beta testing programme.  The first book, “SiMPLY B1 Preliminary”, is a book designed for the B1 Preliminary (PET) exam. The book consists of eight practise tests of which the writing questions are now supported on the Gradingly platform.  The second book, “Writing Success” is a general writing practice book for the B2 (CEFR) level. In total, 39 writing exercises from the book are available to send to students.  Every writing exercise is automatically marked by our AI grading system so that progress can be…

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Job opening: Computational Linguist

Gradingly Offices @ Lavant House, UK About Gradingly:Gradingly is reshaping the way student language abilities are assessed in the learning process. We combine continuous assessment tools powered by AI with a vast library of learning content to measure student performance. Key responsibilities:* Building pattern detection rules using part-of-speech (POS) tags and other linguistic features* Annotation/tagging of written and/or spoken language as per project requirements* Diving deep into ambiguous linguistic issues and implement/suggest solutions* Providing guidance as a native speaker to the R&D and data modelling team as needed* Classification of content based on grammar categories The full job description can…

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Beta testing of the Gradingly platform

Technology is transforming the English as a second language industry. Currently, valuable student data (such as homework) is often lost or poorly recorded. Even in existing digital learning platforms. This results in generic, inefficient and impersonal learning for students.  With Gradingly’s continuous assessment tools using artificial intelligence, we support teachers and schools to get better insights into the true performance of their students. Starting with writing, teachers can now search for 100+ exercises on B1 – C2 level, assign them to their students and receive automatic grading and feedback. With these new and better insights, Gradingly creates a true individual…

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Guide: Imaginative Essays at B1 Level

Most imaginative essays are a form of narrative, or story. This blog will return to the writing of good stories at a later date. What we would like to start with is the challenge of writing an essay at this level which asks you to use your imagination but in standard discussion format. In this type of essay, you need to be able to use your imagination to put yourself in a hypothetical situation such as being someone or even something else, living in another time in the future, or perhaps the distant past. You imagine what a situation will be like, used to…

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A list of ways to help teachers save time 👇👇

Teachers often deal with a lot of tasks. Virtual checklists can be used for managing those tasks and making sure that nothing is overlooked and that everyone's on the same page at all times.Organise your files on Google Drive and keep sorting your new files into the correct folder.If you want to save time, a great solution is to use activities and assessments that have already been developed.You can make a lot of progress by taking advantage of the knowledge that's out there. It's important to learn from other educators, not just about curriculum, but also about teaching techniques and…

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Music as a foreign language research

A new study suggests that learning a foreign language can affect the processing of music in the brain and that a music-related hobby boosts language skills and affects the processing of speech in the brain. The results demonstrated that learning a new language enhances the processing of musical signals. When examining the brains of 120 school-age children it was found that musical and linguistic skills are closely linked to the developing brain.

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Improved accuracy for CEFR level detection

The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is a worldwide standard to measure language proficiency. The framework is organised into six levels, A1 to C2, which can be regrouped into three broad levels: Basic User, Independent User and Proficient User. The levels are defined through ‘can-do’ descriptors. Gradingly’s AI Grading Engine is capable of determining the CEFR level based on writing submissions from English language learners. In our latest update, we have improved the accuracy of our systems to more precisely place students on the correct CEFR level using a variety of new AI algorithms.  We trained our updated model…

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