Use AI grading to personalise learning​

Get access to the best teaching content to share with your students whilst everything is automatically graded. 


Digital access to quality exercises from ELT publishers, independent writers and professional teachers.


How teachers benefit from Gradingly

Browse and send exercises

Search through a rich collection of grammar, listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises. Send exercises directly to students as homework.

Students complete their tasks

Via their own profile, students can access their digital exercise(s) and complete it within the deadline.

Analyse results to identify learning gaps

Our unique AI grading engine grades all homework (including writing and speaking). Review individual results to identify learning gaps and track progress.


Unique AI writing and speaking grading

Extensive writing feedback

For every completed writing tasks you will receive a grading report and feedback on what CEFR level was achieved, topic alignment, tone, grammar, errors and other additional analytics.

Automatic speaking report

Currently in beta, send a speaking exercise and receive feedback on your students fluency and pronunciation scores as well as the actual spoken text with tips.


Useful insights at a glance

Results per grammar point

Check the performance of your students per practised grammar point to identify learning gaps.

Covered vocabulary themes

Discover which vocabulary themes you have covered and how well your students did.


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