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Get access to practise material from top publishers.
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Quality content at your fingertips

Find all the content you need in one place. Search through a rich library of individual exercises or collections. Assign Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Writing and Pronunciation exercises.

Automatic grading of every exercise

Save significant time grading. After students complete their homework, the unique AI grading engine marks every type of exercise (including the writing, pronunciation and fill in the blank).

Advanced student progress tracking

Identify learning gaps early. Review the performance of each student. Every submission is saved and results can be tracked per CEFR level.

Bring AI superpowers to your classroom

AI writing report

After every completed writing tasks, the system generates a grading report. It includes feedback on what CEFR level was achieved, topic alignment, tone, grammar, errors and other additional analytics.

AI pronunciation feedback

Give students feedback on their pronunciation. The report includes fluency and pronunciation scores with phoneme feedback per spoken word.

Grammar analysis

Track average scores per grammar points. Analyse grammar results to identify teaching opportunities.

Vocabulary coverage

Review which vocabulary themes have been covered. Get inspiration for your next class.

Assessment tools directly integrated

Assign formative and summative assessments to your students in the same system.
Access the basic placement test for up to 100 students for free.

After the test, download or print the results page for each student

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